April 30, 2011

Levi's Curve ID Jeans

Both size 29 but different shapes (bold curve & slight curve) ^

Levi's staff, Team Peter Stigter and UPR's Tess ^

The result^
Ph: Team Peter Stigter and me

Do you hate trying on jeans and they never fit perfectly? Well I always have that problem with jeans so when I got an invite from Unlimited PR to get my custom fitting session in the Levi's store in The Hague, I accepted. You can plan your very own custom fitting at a Levi's store near you here. First they take your measurements to determine which size and shape you are. Levi's Curve ID created the perfect jeans for all female body types. There are three shapes; Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve.
The first jeans they gave me where a perfect fit, can you believe it? It gives you a kind of confidence boost. The good thing is they come in different colours and you can choose between skinny, straight and bootcut. I'll definitely want more of these body hugging Levi's Curve ID jeans. In the photo I'm wearing the skinny dark blue version.
And remember: It's about shape not size

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April 24, 2011

Outfit - Electric Blue

Outfit: Electric blue blazer - Zara, Top - Primark, Skinnies - H&M, Shoes - Nelly

Happy Easter everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates and this very late outfit post. I forgot my camera when I went to 2 events this past wednesday; the Sam Friday show/store opening and the Filippa K is turning 10 party.

Electric blue is a great colour to combine with my neon orange nails don't you think? This blazer is actually from the mens department of Zara, how cool is that!

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April 18, 2011

Outfit - Black & White

Outfit: Striped cardigan and black skinnies - H&M, Sunglasses - Lanvin for H&M, Shoes - Nelly, Orange bag - Primark

The temperatures are rising and that means; open toe shoes and no jacket/coat needed. I hope it stays this way so my legs can get a tan. I leave you with these sunny photos, wearing my two favorite trends; stripes and neon colours. How is the weather where you live?

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April 17, 2011

Outfit - Harem

Outfit: Harem pants - ASOS, Shoes - Convers All Stars, Top - Minimum, Leather jacket - Storets, Leopard print bag and leopard print sunglasses - H&M

The Minimum top I'm wearing is actually a goodybag gift from Cream PR. The colour gave me the idea to wear my lilac all stars. All though I love these shoes on other people, I never wear them. I actually liked the combination with my harem pants though so I'll probably wear them a bit more often.

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April 15, 2011

Outfit - Leather dress

Me and Natasha ^

Outfit: Faux leather dress, leopard print bag and cardigan - H&M, Suspender tights - Primark, Orange booties - Nelly

This is what I wore visiting the first press day. The weather was a bit stormy so I shot these pics inside the Cream PR showroom.
Wearing my faux leather dress and again I'm mixing my outfit with some orange details, I just can't help myself.

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Press days - Cream PR

Ted Baker ^

Smaak bags ^

Designer Marloes Blaas with her fall/winter collection ^

The last press day of this week for me was Cream PR. Their showroom has a lot of windows and the day light really helps with taking pictures and checking out all the collections. I've talked about seeing a lot of prints and colours and now we can add a lot of neutrals and sandy tones to that list.

The pink heeled shoes are custom handmade by Jelske Peterson and I feel the urge to find out more about her an her beautiful shoes. Also there are a lot of nice winter boots coming our way so when the snow falls, don't worry, we'll still look fabulous!
The most innovative collection I've seen was the folded collection of Leonie Smelt. All the pieces are made using a folding technique and that white dress is just gorgeous.

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April 14, 2011

Press days - Spice PR


Hugo Boss

United Nude

Ilja Visser

Jan Taminiau

Jan Taminiau^

Iris van Herpen^

Bas Kosters^

Delicious muffins^

The second stop Spice PR. This PR agency has so many amazing brands/designers, to name a few; Acne, Jan Taminiau, Iris van Herpen, United Nude, Hugo Boss, Avelon, Ready to Fish, Monki etc. etc. I shot so many photos in their showroom and above is the selection of my favorites.

Hugo Boss surprised me with their shoes, I never really noticed that their shoe collection is so freaking nice! Oh and talking about shoes how about those Jan Taminiau platform sparkly shoes!?

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